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Chapter Seventeen

Life in Barraba

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In May 2005 we bought a house in Barraba, a marvellous country town half way between Sydney and Brisbane on the Fossickers Way.

We found Barraba when we stayed with some motorhoming friends for a few days on the way to the Horsham rally. We had always wondered if we could live in the towns we visited on our way around the country. Barraba impressed us as being a lovely little friendly country town with all the facilities we needed and we decided to find a place to retire to when we no longer active grey nomads

We couldn't have been more right about the town. The people are very friendly and there is plenty to do. I have been inducted into the Lions Club which keeps me busy and provides me with a ready made group of friends. We also belong to the Wine Club and Jean is a member of the Book Club.

Life here is so peaceful and laid back that our regular visits to Brisbane and to Sydney have to be limited in duration because we hanker to get away from the frenetic bustle of the city.

The house we bought is a hundred year old brick cottage. It needed plenty of TLC and I can only work a limited number of hours at a time but we are getting there. It is pretty habitable and will be more so when I manage to finish rebuilding the kitchen. The outside brickwork needs quite a bit of attention to hide the ugly patching that has been done over the years. I hope that I will be able to restore it to its original condition one day. We have already replaced the doors on the front which were ugly, modern, cheap panel doors with proper solid timber doors with genuine leadlight panels. It looks much better now.
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