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Thu 12 Feb 1998

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To Seymour, a central Victorian country town just like a hundred others, for morning coffee and a little shopping.

Straight through to Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road.

We chose to stay in a caravan park at Zeally Beach in Torquay because the battery charger/inverter is on the fritz and for a little comfort after a fairly tiring transit from Sydney to Melbourne.

We covered just over 1000km in about 15 hours of driving over 3 days.

Fuel consumption has improved a bit from 19l/100km to 17l/100km. We hope that these bad numbers were due to the relatively high speeds on the freeways and that better figures will be achieved when we start touring.

The caravan park is really quite pleasant. Although there are lots of decrepit vans with no wheels, there are plenty of gum trees and electricity, water and a drain are all provided.

The sea is only 100m away and the breeze is very pleasant. A chorus of crows (which should be called ravens but a racket of ravens doesn't sound so well) punctuates the evening as I sit here lazily putting these thoughts into the machine.

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