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Willunga, SA

Tue 24 Feb - Mon 2 Mar 1998

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Tue 24th Feb

Spent over an hour trying to park in central Adelaide without success. Drove to Glenelg but didn't stop, the foreshore has been alienated and isn't accessible to the Motley. On to Brighton and eventually found a bit of beach to stop for lunch.

And back to Willunga and dinner at Joy's.

Wed 25th Feb

Up at crack of dawn to take the truck to Mazda for service. Walked a mile for breakfast at Maccas. On to Macmedia to buy a case for the PowerBook. Then to the camera shop in James Place, the last possibility, to buy a digital camera. Traded the Canon T70 for a Canon Powershot 350. All the features I need but a copy of PhotoShop will have to materialise before I can upload images to the PowerBook. Also visited the Caravan Show and bought levelling ramps and a fridge fan. As it was Nigel's fortieth birthday, we dined extensively under the grape vine at The Barn in McLaren Vale.

Thu 26th Feb

Went to McLaren Vale Visitors Centre, Hardy's cellar sales shop and to the Dridan Arts shop which had beautiful things at horrendous prices. Among the things I didn't buy was a rain stick and a carved-in-a-piece wooden xylophone -type musical instrument. Did a little shopping in McLaren Vale village.

Sat 28th Feb

Went to the McLaren Vale market. Joy and Nigel went to the drag racing so I dealt with the tanks and washed the Motley after which we vegged out.

Sun 1st Mar

Had afternoon tea at Judy's, a tea room and photographic gallery in Willunga, after doing some chores for Joy. Cooked curry for Joy and Nigel.

Mon 2nd Mar

Total veg-out.

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