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Wed 18 Mar 1998

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We left Renmark early and drove straight through to Mildura.

The border into Victoria is marked not only by a sign but also by a sudden change in environment back to mallee scrub, very strange.

We had to pass through another fruit fly check point today. Since all the fruit we had in the Motley had been bought inside the previous fruit fly free area we didn't avail ourselves of the opportunity to dump yet more fruit.

Visited Woody in hospital. He seems to be recovering amazingly well.

Richard, Woody's step-father, and Millie, Jennie's mother, were also visiting with Bernard, Uncle Bob's son, and Tony, Woody's brother.

Richard reported that Jennie had another day of improvement before they left to drive to Mildura. She still can't lift her head so she won't be out of hospital in the immediate future.

We stayed in a caravan park in Gol Gol a few kilometres out of town. It seemed peaceful enough. In the early evening there was a terrible roar and we discovered that we had chosen the place where the water ski racers stay while preparing for the big race at Easter.

To add insult to injury we were awoken next morning by a tree stumper preparing the caravan park for new kerbing. The plan to stay there for a few days was revised.

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