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Sun 29 Mar 1998

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We drove to Hay across the Hay Plain. Much more interesting than others have said. The changing scene from the river with its attendant trees to a treeless plain and back is itself fascinating. The wildlife, though sparse in the middle, provided interest all the way. Emu are abundant as are raptors (unidentified though I believe some were Australian Kestrel) and Australian Raven.

Somewhere out in the plain there is a monster farm with the biggest overhead irrigator I have ever seen (possibly 400 metres long).

In Hay we looked for the non-existent remains of the POW Camp at which I lived briefly in 1946. The railway station, built in 1882, has been restored and is used as government offices. The primary school is still there but much changed.

On to Narrandera along the most un-smooth main road we have encountered forcing us to reduce speed in some places to 60 kph to the annoyance of the trucks. The caravan park overlooks a lake and is home to Blue-cheeked Rosella and Kookaburra which congregate around the barbecues waiting for food.

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