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Wed 1 Apr 1998

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From Young to Cowra, where we stopped briefly to shop and have a morning coffee. While looking for a place to park we passed the house in Macquarie St in which I lived briefly in 1946.

Just outside Cowra is a Museum complex with a War Museum, a Railway Museum, and a Pastoral Museum. There was some interesting stuff about the Cowra Breakout in August 1944 when 1000 Japanese prisoners of war escaped and were recaptured with deaths of both Japanese and Australian soldiers.

In Blayney, we filled up with fuel and had the tyres checked. All six tyres were about 10% under inflated, presumably since delivery, and the inside rears did not have valve extenders making pressure checking and inflation a very difficult task. These problems have, of course, now been corrected and noted in our shakedown report for Tynan Motors!.

In the caravan park, we met a group of golfers who are touring country golf clubs as their annual holiday. We were able to pass on to them the golf balls we had found in a field while searching for a suitable way into WOMAD. What comes round, goes round

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