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San Francisco, USA

Thu 18 Jun - Thu 25 Jun 1998

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We flew from London to San Francisco to spend a few days with Rachel and Jeremy. On the way I got up to stretch my legs and looked out the window of the aircraft to see a landscape of frozen lakes and tundra. I hadn't realised that the great circle route from London to San Francisco took one well into the north of Canada nearly up to the Arctic Circle.

We stayed at Alabama Street and I hired a car to give us mobility. We had lunch with Rachel in the city, we visited the Exploratorium and Pier 37, we drove up to the Napa valley and lunched in a winery, we went to Muir Woods, walked among the redwood trees, and watched the chipmunks and Steller's Jays, we went to the pictures to see The Truman Show, and we entertained Rachel and Jeremy to dinner at a very swish Japanese Restaurant.

It was wonderful seeing Rachel again and finding that she and Jeremy had settled in to life in the USA without too much drama.

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