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Ballarat, Vic

Wednesday 11 - Saturday 14 Nov 1998

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Wednesday 11th

It being wet and forecast to stay that way for at east a couple of days, we decided to hot-foot it to Melbourne to get the fridge seen to.

Ringing the Elextrolux Service Depot revealed that they are too busy to see us until Monday. Oh well.

We pressed on to Ballarat anyway.

Thursday 12th

The weather was so rotten that we stayed indoors all day.

It is appropriate to note that this is only the second time we've been house-bound since leaving Sydney three months ago.

If the weather clears we'll find out what Ballarat is like tomorrow.

Friday 13th

While the rain continued, we made the effort and visited some of the town's attractions.

The first was a private flora and bird park at a place called Bininyong a few k south of here. It is advertised as open 7 days a week but when we finally found the place at the end of a gravel road we were surprised and not very much gruntled to find it closed.

Drive all the way back into town and select another destination - The Eureka Stockade.

This is a very new purpose built museum set up to take one through the history of the rebellion on the gold fields in 1854. It was well done and left one with a real feeling for the diggers and, at the same time, an understanding of the problems facing the colonial authorities.

The rebellion was the only time in Australian history when the forces of law and order have fought with, and killed, Australian citizens.

Saturday 14th

The wind dropped and the sun came out - a great day for doing the laundry.

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