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Yarram, Vic

Thursday 19 Nov 1998

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The tourist brochure suggested several drives into the hills. We selected one to a place called the Agnes Falls, the highest waterfall in Victoria.

photo of the Agnes FallsNot expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful little park with a quiet stream set in lush green countryside with a short path leading downstream to several lookouts with good views of the falls. Altogether a refreshing hour immersed in the tranquility of nature.

We meandered along the road to the east visiting places with names like Welshpool and Port Albert which bore no smattering of resemblance to their British antecedents. This coast is not unlike the coast of the old dart as the Bass Strait is pretty cold and wild but the towns are tiny and raw and uninspiring.

We stopped at a place called Yarram which is a bit inland from the coast. The caravan park wasn't really equipped to cope with The Motley but we eventually found a site we could use by parking on a slab which had inscribed into the wet cement a warning "Annex Only"! We proved by experiment that the concrete was indeed capable of supporting seven Barinas without failure.

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