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Ulladulla, NSW

Friday 4 Dec 1998

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We tried all the caravan parks in Batemans Bay and all point south to Broulee without finding one we liked.

On the way, we visited Mogo Zoo which is very small but well set up for a private zoo. Its main claim to fame is that it takes older non-breeding animals from larger zoos, including Taronga Zoo, to allow them to use their space for younger breeding animals. Sadly, the two male cubs from the last litter of Sumatran Tigers by Shiva and Selatan at Taronga are now resident here in a cage next to two Bengal Tigers.

Lunch on Mellville Point where we saw what could only have been a Pomarine Jaegar resting in the ocean just off the headland.

We tried a place called Durras where the obvious caravan park was asking $28 a night! Inspection of the sites revealed that there was nothing unusual except for the kangaroo poo all over the place. I asked if meals were included in the cost but they said no so we travelled on to Ulladulla.

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