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Port Macquarie, NSW

Tue 12 Jan 1999

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Having plenty of time, we decided to see some of the country between the New England Highway and the pacific Highway so we took the road to Walcha, Wauchope and Port Macquarie.

We revisited the Apsley Falls which this time was a mere trickle. The birds in the park are, of course, quite exceptional but it was still a surprise to watch two Sacred Kingfishers sending off a Magpie who was invading their territory.

diagrom of the tableland

I hadn't realised the significance of the term tableland. Between the two highways the countryside is elevated to about the height of the western ridge (several hundred metres or two or three thousand feet) only dropping at the eastern escarpment which is everywhere precipitous. On this road the escarpment is well inland and the road wanders through some enchanting green, rolling river valleys before reaching the sea.

We had not encountered the "holiday season" before and the shock of the huge hike in caravan park fees in the most popular places forced us to stay only one night in Port Macquarie which was a pity as it is a very pleasant place.

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