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Ingham, Qld

Wed 21 Jul 1999

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photo of Wallaman Falls With the whole day ahead of us, we went to the Wallaman Falls.

The 40 km (25 mile) drive is mostly on gravel road except for the stretch up the range onto the plateau. We took it slowly and didn't suffer too much discomfort.

The falls have the highest vertical drop , 305 metres (1000 ft), of any waterfall in Australia. It is not, however the most spectacular sight because the lookouts are at the top of the gorge and the only way to the bottom is a 1.7 km (1 mile) walk down the 305 metre cliff and back up again!

The camping area is not really suitable for large motorhomes so we returned to Ingham and, because of the late hour, stopped in a local caravan park bounded on one side by the main road, on one side by the main railway line, and on one side by a cane field. It was nevertheless a pleasant evening.

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