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Carmila Beach, Qld

Wed 11 Aug 1999

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An odd note in the list of recommended places said "Carmila - above the beach - cheap diesel".

We found the cheap diesel at the only significant business in the town.

On the off chance that the "above the beach" meant something and in the absence of any signposts, we headed east and came up short at a launching ramp with NO CAMPING signs. Turning to go back to the highway, we saw a track heading off to one side. This led to a rough camping area. We decided to stay.

The whole site was very sandy and I managed to bog the Motley.

Every experience, they say, is an opportunity to learn. I had offer of a winch out but I thought the experience of digging it out would teach me something!

I had lots of advice from people who had been there and done that and I did learn some important lessons.

1. Always carry mats (or hessian sacks)

2. Go out by the same route you went in - backwards. You know what youv'e been through but what's in front of you might be anything.

3. Always follow the tracks left by others, if they got through, so will you.

We spent a pleasant evening chatting with some motorhomers we had met before and we both got our daily dose of walking on the beach. I paced out the distance back from the edge of the half tide - 1500 metres (1 mile). Jean walked the length of the beach at high tide and was inspected at close range by a hovering Black Kite.

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