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Kinka Beach, Qld

Fri 13 - Sun 15 Aug 1999

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Having done the shopping in Rockhampton, we elected to visit Yeppoon.

There are two caravan parks with dump stations in the area. The first was very urban with lots of caravans and not much else. The second is 10 km (6 miles) south along the coast and is situated beside a lake on 60 hectares (150 acres) of bushland. We booked in for two nights so that we could do the washing.

The weather being fine, Saturday became laundry day.

I spent the rest of the day winding a coil for the TV antenna driver. I had fritzed an RF choke with a bright blue 12V spark when I had fitted the antenna alarm and the lack of power to the masthead amplifier had only become obvious when signal strength was low but other Winnebago owners were getting good pictures. Dickie Smith's cataldog listed a suitable replacement component but the shop in Rockhampton didn't stock it or anything suitable so I had to buy a ferrite core and some 25# winding wire and make my own. It was fitted and works just fine.

Sunday we spent investigating the area.

Emu Park at the southern end of this stretch of coastline had a market so we went there first. Markets are much the same wherever they are with lots of rubbish on sale at tourist prices interspersed with some genuine, but not necessarily good, craft work. There is sometimes music and here it was a female country and western singer with a big PA system. When she wasn't playing a really old digger with a broken down saxophone tried to crank out the odd recognisable tune. As I dropped my coin in his instrument case I noticed lots of coins, Perhaps he had salted the collection but I prefer to think that many people preferred his home grown efforts to the other music.

We had morning tea in the boat ramp car park and were amused for about an hour by the efforts of a Hobie Cat sailor to right his boat which was stern down bow up in the water. He clearly didn't know what he was doing and had no success. Eventually half a dozen swimmers came to his aid and they dragged the boat into shallow water and manhandled it into an upright position. When the sailor got back to the beach he emulated the Pope by kneeling and kissing the ground as if he had been saved from certain drowning!

Jean wanted to see what Yeppoon was like so we drove there. It is a fairly sizeable coastal resort town with no really outstanding features.

On the way back to the caravan park, we took the diversion to Rosslyn Boat Harbour. We didn't stop but on the way out we did see a White-bellied Sea-eagle so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

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