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Carters Ridge, Qld

26°27' E 152°46'

Thu 16 - Sun 26 Dec 1999

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The bathroom had sprung a leak and replacing the seals on the toilet revealed that the cause was a leaking water valve. The leak was small but had obviously been going on for some time. The carpet round the toilet had to go but this is a good thing as I will replace it with more suitable material; carpets and bathrooms don't really go well together.

The new ball valve is only obtainable in Acacia Ridge so the northbound journey started with a trip across Brisbane and back.

We finally reached Carters Ridge in the afternoon and received a very warm welcome.

The place is as beautiful as ever. In the evening we saw a Pretty-faced Wallaby in the garden. There is a frog living in a drain somewhere near the Motley. His "gribits" are more like "GRIBITS" and its easy to mistake him for a dog barking. Happily he doesn't "sing" all the time.

On Friday, Philip and Helene went off to the Suncoasters Xmas gathering and we absorbed some of the peace and tranquility of this idyllic place.

The new ball valve was fitted curing the leaks in the bathroom.

The reversing camera was fitted and didn't work until I remembered to remove the lens cap!!!!

The underbody wiring was refitted in flexible conduit to make it more reliable and professional.

I spent some time attending to the mains wiring in Philip's new motorhome. It was built by an electrician and two of the three mains feeds had live and neutral reversed!

We went to Gympie to dump black water and to shop. We restocked the food lockers against the prospect of Y2K bug shortages!!!

I had a telephone call from Don Eldred, the board member responsible for both the Rest Area Committee and for the CMCA web site. I had reviewed the site only a day or two ago and had sent an email to the webmaster asking him to reciprocate the link from the Highway Wanderers Web site to the CMCA web site and offering assistance. Don wants to set up a committee to redesign the CMCA web site and asked me to be a member of this committee. I agreed and made some pointed comments about the need for top down design. I have said I would prepare a piece reviewing all the issues.

Jean has just has a good time digging ticks out of my arm. I removed one (perhaps only part of one on Wednesday but the swelling didn't go down. She recovered what looked like a small body. Maybe the mother was teaching its baby how to feed!

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Here we go then - all together now

Deck the Halls with hanks of Holly
Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la -la-la
Disapproval would be folly
Don't stand underneath when they fly by!

with apologies to Tom Lehrer

Happy Christmas to everyone


All the very best for the next thousand years

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