London Zoo

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Sunday 24th July 1994

London Zoo was established in 1828 and opened to the public in 1847. It is located on a 5 hectare site in Regents Park in London. It is run by the Zoological Society of London and houses 12,000 animals of over 100 species.

Notwithstanding some bad publicity recently, the zoo looks well-cared for and prosperous. There is an enthusiasm in the keepers which indicates that the animals are still receiving tlc.

The paid staff, including 50 keepers, is assisted by 150 volunteers who man the information centre and touch trolleys, conduct guided tours, brass rubbing, badge making and other activities.

The breeding program includes Chimpanzee, Black Rhinoceros, Anoa, Pudu, Blue-streaked Lory, Red-crowned Crane, Gila Monster, Red-kneed Bird-eating Spider, British Field Cricket, Partula Snail.

The highlight of the visit was a "kite flying" demonstration using real live black kites.

The collection includes

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