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South West Rocks, NSW

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Fri 28 Jan 2000

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We wanted to visit Jenny and Richard Goeldner so we headed to South West Rocks.

Our favourite caravan park had a vacant site on the headland so we once again have the benefit of the beautiful view out into Trial Bay and the constant sound of the surf on the rocks.

The sunshine had returned so we did the laundry.

We had afternoon tea with Jenny and Richard who both seem well. Jenny still has constant pain and the lawyers are apparently no nearer to settling the insurance claim but they are pretty chipper.

The new house is nearly finished. Jenny refuses to move in until the last nail has been hammered in. She says that last time she moved in to a house before it was quite finished she lived in it for seventeen years without ever seeing it complete.

The house which Jenny designed has high timber ceilings, timber walls and floors and a great open feeling. It gets breeze through what ever the prevailing wind and it looks out over the other houses around out to the bay.

They still plan to go on the road in a campervan of some kind when the house is finished so perhaps we will see them somewhere on the wallaby.

We had been able to get a caravan park site on the headland at Horseshoe Bay again and going to sleep with the sound of the surf on the rocks was just as magic as before.

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