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Thu 27 Jul - Wed 2 Aug 2000

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Thursday 27th July

We went to Ferny Hills to see the family and then on to Aspley to park the Motley.

There are some tasks awaiting me at Patricks Road, most of which I will be able to do.

We have to be in Brisbane on the 4th August so we will probably visit the Woods or the Procters before next weekend, and the others after the weekend, prior to setting off for the Alice. We have not yet teamed up with a safari but I guess we will find one somewhere.

Friday 28th July

We hired a car for a few day as an experiment to find out if it is better to hire when needed or buy and tow a car and trailer.

We spent the afternoon at Patricks Road surveying the tasks to be done before we leave.

Saturday 29th July

We all went for brunch at Sarah's favourite cafe in Everton Hills.

I couldn't do any of the tasks so the afternoon was spent analysing the planned extensions to the house. The inside staircase is not legal so the changes should address the issue of modifying or replacing them. We concluded that it would be better to replace them with a spiral staircase near the present front door. This would allow all of the space presently taken up with the staircase to be added to the room leading out onto the deck which would be really nice.

We also went to Spotlight , with Kelly and half a suburb of other people, and returned to Patricks Road quite exhausted.

Sunday 30th July

Laundry day.

We went for a picnic at Scarborough with the kids and we flew some kites.

Monday 31st July

Work followed by dinner at Sarah's.

Tuesday 1st Aug

More work, some in the Motley and the rest at Patricks Road.

Wednesday 2nd Aug

The ladies wanted an outing so we went to New Farm to find a new discount material shop. Ross and I played hide and seek around the bolts of cloth and we all repaired to MacDonalds for lunch.

Kelly has been caught several times on the footpath having escaped through the side gate.I modified the lock to secure it but the thing still didn't work properly so I added a chain as I should have in the first place. Perhaps the children will think twice before going over the fence. Then again . . .

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