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Aileron, NT

S 22°38'37" E 133°20'43

Sun 24 Sep 2000

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Having gone to bed with the birds, we woke up early were on the road before nine. We hope we haven't caught the habit.

We planned to make a last stop before Alice Springs at Aileron.

On the road we passed Central Mount Stuart which the explorer believed was the centre of the continent. Nobody knows how he figured this but any mathematical method gives a point not too far from here so we will accept his estimate and consider that we have been to the very centre of the country.

We passed through Ti Tree which is just another roadhouse but the caravan park looked quite nice and was full of motorhomes presumable all waiting for the last leg to the Alice tomorrow.

Aileron is just a roadhouse but much more up market than Barrow Creek. We even watched TV via satellite while we were having dinner in the bar. We noticed that it was raining cats and dogs at the Olympic athletics. Ha!.

In the caravan park, we chatted to a couple from WA who had recently bought a little campervan on an impulse and were travelling the country in it. I can remember how little we knew about life on the road when we first sets out and I can see how much we have learned in three years.

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