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Tingalpa, Brisbane, Qld

S 27°28'25" E 153°08'29

Wed 3 Jan 2001

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We went over to the south side after breakfast. Having located the Health Centre, we drove down to Manly for lunch at the boat harbour. We were pleased to see an Osprey on its nest in a disused marker sticking up out of the water just off the harbour entrance. It seems that it has been seen raising chicks there recently.

We went back to the chiropractor where Jean spent an hour. We were referred to a local radiologist to get some new x-rays. The referral slip was out of date and we had some difficulty finding the place. In the end we came away with the films and the report in our hand.

Jean's next appointment is for Friday early so we found a caravan park nearby. It is called "Nestle-in" -what? - and it has one tourist site! Still is was level and quiet and surrounded by trees.

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