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Fri 5 - Sun 14 Jan 2001

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Friday 5 th

After Jean's visit to the chiropractor, we returned to Patricks Road to see the Marretts.

The Noble family were still there so we spent the day doing chores, scanning and printing recipes, mending broken things, and dining on Dreampot corned beef.

Saturday 6 th

Lay day and laundry day.

Sunday 7 th

We lay about until lunchtime, ate a leisurely meal and then visited the Marretts.

I answered some emails and did some work on the HW web site without reaching any conclusion.

photo of me and ross mending the hobby horse I mended Ross's Hobby horse!.

Monday 8 th

We rested up most of the day.

Jean's feeling is that the travelling to Wynnum and back would undo any benefit the treatment might provide. She wants to do as little as possible and see if rest will cure the problem.

She went to see the GP in Aspley in the afternoon to get a referral to a physiotherapist. The doctor prescribed a Voltaren rather than Brufen.

Tuesday 9 th

Lay day. We decided against going to the physiotherapist just yet to see if rest and relaxation will work by themselves.

Wednesday 10 th

Jean's back seems to be improving each day. Perhaps the Voltaren is doing the trick or maybe enough time has expired for the body to effect the necessary repairs.

The Marretts are going to Armidale for the weekend so we visited in the afternoon. A new kite needed a little attention so I did that.

Thursday 11 th

Jean was up and doing scrapbooking today so she must be feeling better.

Friday 12 th

Another rest day.

Saturday 13 th

Another rest day. I made a new bracket for the GPS. It looks like a bought one - nearly.

Sunday 14 th

Laundry day. Jean's back seems to be improving by leaps and bounds; well steps and bends anyway.

I changed the oil in the generator as it had reached the end of the running in period (20 hrs).

I also fixed the TV hold-down as we have had a couple of moments while driving along with the block of wood which adapts the mounting to the smaller TV set falling out leaving the set unrestrained and stopped from falling only by the cables.

The rest of the day was spent watching cricket.

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