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Sherwood Forest, Allenview, Qld

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Wed 29 Aug - Sun 2 Sep 2001

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Wednesday 29th Aug

I shopped in Petrie before heading to Coopers Plain to buy some spares.

I arrived at Sherwood Forest just after lunch and decanted the car from the trailed on a flat piece of ground before setting up in the most suitable parking spot.

Thursday 30th Aug

I can't remember what I did so it was probably nothing except, eat, drink, and talk.

Friday 31st Aug

I went to Jimboomba to shop. It was so easy with the Little Motley.

In the afternoon I made a loading gauge to go on the trailer to make sure the Little Motley doesn't bottom as it goes over the hump. I also moved the storage pipe from its temporary position on the front of the truck to its proper place on the back of the new locker on the trailer. It will need painting as it doesn't look too good on the brand new rig.

Saturday 1st Sep

I found the chapter flagpole and arranged to carry it securely on the trailer.

In the afternoon, Chris and David Maitland turned up in their new Denning motorhome, very swish.

In the evening, we all had a barbecue round the camp fire. A thunder storm put a dampener of proceedings at about eight thirty and it rained quite hard on and off into the night.

Sunday 2nd Sep

I went in to Beaudesert to do the laundry. While waiting for the machine to do its stuff, I had lunch at the KFC next door. Downsizing has apparently reached deep down into our businesses because while I waited to be served a queue of about ten people formed. All of the three staff had their backs turned to us busy making previous orders but none even recognised we were there or apologised for the delay. I have to say that we all stood quietly in line until they served us.

I just sat around chatting for the rest of the day.

In the evening we all had a camp oven barbecue. Keryn and Chris took pity on a poor old solo and offered me some of their delicious beef and roast veges.

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