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Tue 2 - Wed 3 Apr 2002

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Tuesday 2nd

We left Kalbar very early, well before ten anyway, and parked at Wyllie Park in Petrie for a couple of days. Sarah had left a message that the family birthday party for Ross was at 3 pm so we set off before lunch to shop and to visit.

photo of the birthday boy

We had missed lunch so we ravenous when we reached Patricks Rd some time after 2 so we had a snack to take us on to the party which had masses of sausages, popcorn and sweets (all very good for diabetics - however my BSL next morning was 7.0 mmol/l which is quite good after a bad eating day).

Ross had a whale of a time opening presents even though he had a little competition from Kelly who was nearly as excited as he was.

I was whacked by 6 o'clock so we retired to the Motley for dinner.

Wednesday 3rd

We had morning coffee at Cafe Zanetti, picked up the mail sent on from Maclean PO to the Ferny Hills DC, returned to Patricks Road, worked on the dishwasher which is broken again, had tuna rice cooked by Alain for dinner, and retired to the Motley.

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