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Mon 8 - Fri 12 Apr 2002

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Monday 8th

After a leisurely breakfast, we moved back to the showground which is all quiet again.

We went to Mitchelton for coffee and to Patricks Rd for lunch. We had bought a boned leg of lamb from Lindsay, the butcher, and Sarah asked for it to be cooked this evening so I spent the afternoon in the kitchen. Dinner was a great success and we didn't get back to the Motley until gone eight.

Tuesday 9th

Al needed to check the Beep before driving to Sydney. He had noticed a clunking noise coming from the off side front suspension when driving over speed bumps. I checked out all the things which might have been making the rattles without finding any vital parts that need attention. I also tightened up the wires restraining the exhaust baffles and cured the annoying engine noises.

Jean and I both had doctors appointments in the afternoon so we retired to the Motley early.

Wednesday 10th

Jean did some sewing for Sarah and I went to Aussie Traveller to check out their awning and to Whitworths to buy the bits to finish off the new battery installation.

I rang the Dr Mungommery's rooms to make an appointment for next January as requested but they don't have next years diary yet so they couldn't do it. They suggested I ring back in November!.

Thursday 11th

We took Sarah and Karen to Stones Corner to buy some bridal fabric offcuts from a place Paula had found. It took a little searching to find the place as the flyer was for a one time sale in someone elses premises. Sarah found the shop and arranged for them to make up some bags of offcuts.

We spent a bit of time window shopping. This is a surprising place with a busy shopping precinct in a short section of converted main road. There are plenty of pavement cafes, book shops, fashion stores, and so on.

We had a very pleasant lunch at one of the cafes, picked up the cloth at the factory a couple of block away and returned to Ferny Hills in time for Karen to pick up her kids from school.

We retired to the Motley for a light supper.

Friday 12th

In the morning we went to Kallangur to do the laundry. We had lunch with Al at Cafe Zanetti and then went shopping at Spotlight with Sarah.

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