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Robe River, WA

S 21°36'55" E 115°55'21

Thu 29 Aug 2002

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We didn't want to stay in Karratha any longer so we headed off again to the south.

The road goes through country which is slightly hilly (if you know what I mean - not really hilly but not flat either) and there are occasional wild flowers on the side of the road, the most distinctive being mulla mulla.

There are also raptors in considerable numbers, mostly Black Kite, but also Brown Falcon, a small solitary bird which likes to perch at the top of a dead tree to watch for prey. We saw one Wedge-tailed Eagle working on the carcass of a road kill kangaroo. I slowed right down and he flew just off the road but when I didn't stop he (or maybe she) flew away.

We reach the rest area at Robe River in time for afternoon tea and found some other motorhomers we had met before already parked. Undertaking Completed came in shortly after and we all sat around chatting until the setting of the sun put a chill in the air.

I did an analysis of the people we have met on the road since we started out 4 1/2 years ago. There are about 200 on the list and about 100 of them we have met more than once. It's not surprising that we almost always have company on the road now.

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