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Pinnaroo, SA

S 35°16'14" E 140°54'32

Wed 18 Dec 2002

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photo of an emu with chicks in Pinnaroo

I took the Motley in to the Mazda service centre for a few minutes to let them fit the clip which had broken and had been ordered overnight from Melbourne. When the repair was complete, I headed towards Victoria.

I decided to take the Mallee Highway through Pinnaroo and the Big Desert to Swan Hill.

I stopped at Murray Bridge because there was a rest area marked with a water point. I found a popular town picnic spot but couldn't find a water point anywhere.

I pressed on towards Pinnaroo and for the last bit of the journey I was driving into smoke from an enormous bush fire in the Big Desert Wilderness Park in Victoria.

I decided to camp in a rest area on the outskirts of the town. The night was quiet even though a couple of road trains parked nearby As I was leaving Pinnaroo, an emu with chicks outside someone's house caught my eye.

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