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Petrie, Qld

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Wed 22 - Thu 23 Jan 2003

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Wednesday 22nd

The Motley's registration is about to expire and I need a mechanical inspection. I remembered that last year I had it done by a guy in Beaudesert and as it is only 50 km (30 miles) away I rang to book in for an inspection. We did a little shopping while he did his stuff and then we headed for Wyllie Park in Petrie. We visited the Marretts and had take-away Thai dinner with them.

Thursday 23rd

I had decided to register the truck in Queensland and we found the nearest heavy vehicle QT place in Zillmere. All was going well until the lady asked me for the gas certificate. It had to be less than 30 day old and the only one I had was 5 years old. We drove to Virginia to Arrow Caravans to find out who could do the gas inspection. They are licensed and, after a quick check that all was well except the regulators which must be upgraded, we booked it in for 7.45 tomorrow We spent the rest of the day at Patricks Rd and retired early to the Motley to prepare for a very, very early start tomorrow.

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