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Fri 30 Jul - Wed 4 Aug 2004

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Friday 30th

We went to Tai Chi in the morning and drove to Cooroy in the afternoon, arriving at the Procter's house in time for afternoon tea.

Gerry and Darryl who had celebrated Xmas with us at Moorook were already in residence. We all had fish and chips for tea and chatted until the chill of the evening drove us indoors.

Saturday 31st

Helene had arranged for us all to go to the Sea Scouts Trivia night in Cooroy. We did reasonably well and won third prize.

Sunday 1st Aug

Philip's daughter and son-in-law, Lenore and Craig, had expressed an interest in a curry cooking lesson so I prepared a feast for eight with an audience. It all came out pretty well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I was plied with red wine throughout the cooking process so I not only enjoyed the food but I got pretty well happy as well.

Monday 2nd Aug

I spent most of the day working on the genealogy database.

In the afternoon, Jean went shopping with Gerry and Helene.

Tuesday 3rd Aug

We went to Noosaville to revisit one of the makers of manufactured houses and to Forest Glen to visit another.

Wednesday 4th Aug

A lay day.

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