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Sherwood Forest, Allenview, Qld

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Fri 26 - Mon 29 Nov 2004

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Highway Wanderers Christmas Gathering

Friday 26th

We got away at about ten o'clock and drove across the Gateway Bridge and down the motorway to Browns Plains.

We reached Sherwood Forest in time for lunch. There were about a dozen already camped and we had a pretty lively happy hour.

Saturday 27th

We went to Beaudesert to buy the weekend paper and do a bit of shopping.

In the evening, we all sat down to a wonderful camp oven dinner cooked by Brian Galland. Everyone agreed that they had never had such a fine roast dinner anywhere, much less out in the bush. I think we managed to convey our thanks to Brian by many toasts. In the end he proposed a toast to the toastmaster so I'm sure he got the message. The many people who helped by preparing vegetables and gravy were also thanked. The raffle was a surprise because Jean had bought only one ticket "because she never wins" but she won first prize. She had a problem selecting from the three prizes on offer because it had to be the smallest prize to fit in what little space we have left in the Motley. EWe now have a four place picnic basket.

Sunday 28th

Today was Indulgence Day with breakfast provided by the Chapter. They planned it for 8 o'clock so I had to make an unusually early start.

photo of the auction

After morning tea, we had a garage auction which went on until lunchtime, took $970 in total and put $97 into the Chapter fun fund. I managed to buy only things which would fit in the remaining spaces in the Motley.

Monday 29th

On Saturday, I had collected many, many mosquito bite on my arms and legs, all of which decided to go nasty. I used up all of the itchy bite cream I could find but still had a pretty bad night. I decided to avoid any more mozzies as far as possible so I stayed in the Motley for most of the day. I did get some more proof reading done.

We had a last happy hour of the gathering getting heated about the politics of the club before resolving to forget about it all and just concentrate on having a good time on the road.

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