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Maleny, Qld

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Fri 17 - Sun 19 Dec 2004

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Suncoasters Chapter Christmas Meeting

Friday 17th

We had arranged to go to the Suncoasters Xmas gathering at Maleny Showground but we had to go to Gympie first to dump the black water.

We arrived at Maleney at about three and set up before happy hour. We knew many people but there were some we hadn't met and by chance we sat next to some of these. The conversatioins were lively and interesting which just goes to show that you can meet good companions anywhere anytime.

Saturday 18th

After lunch, we watched while others played silly motorhomer games.

Happy hour was a cocktail hour before Xmas dinner.

At the end of happy hour, I proposed a couple of toasts and during the evening I gave the entertainer a couple of breaks with a recitation or two. Some of the audience were kind enough to compliment me and Rob was very impressed with my projection.

The dinner was OK, the wine was very good, the company was excellent, and the music was absolutely fabulous. The singer was named Rob and he was equipped with all sorts of electronic machines. His voice was very good and his choice of songs was right on the money for his audience. Even I was encouraged to dance. In fact, I danced a lot and even attracted some attention with my energy and enthusiasm. I did pay the price on Sunday being very stiff and slow.

Sunday 19th

I was very slow to start up in the morning.

In the evening we had a barbecue. I provided some dinner music with the iPod playing through the radio in the Little Motley. I was also called on to contribute to the evening's entertainment, recitations and jokes.

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