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Camp Cooroora, Lake MacDonald, Qld

S 26°22'54" E 152°56'19"

Fri 7 - Sat 8 Jan 2005

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Wide Bay Wanderers Chapter Meeting

Friday 7th

We had decided to have dinner at the RSL in Cooroy and Helene had invited Jerry and Linda who were at a Wide Bay Wanderers chapter meeting at Camp Cooroora. We had planned to go to the meeting on Saturday but I realised that, if we went today we could give Gerry and Linda a lift to Cooroy and save Helene a lot of trouble.

We arrived in time for happy hour which was, as always, very pleasant, and drove back to Cooroy for dinner.

The food was pretty good and the singer, though a bit loud, was better than expected.

We were amused to see a grey haired guy dancing very energetically with a number of unaccompanied women of various ages. We had various theories as to what was going on, Helene thought they were a singles group but I believed that they were a group of women who liked to go dancing but whose partners didn't so they went to out to the club with this old guy who liked to dance. Philip cheated and asked the guy what was going on when he met him in the gents. The real story was that he was a dancing instructor and the women were his students. Helene was a bit right but I was closer to the truth.

As we returned to the car, we found the Tilt Train, on it's way to Cairns, stopped at Cooroy Station. The signals were yellow and the driver was on the blower presumably trying to find out what was holding them up. We had plenty of time to inspect the train, talk about train journeys we had made in the past, and fantasise about doing the trip to Cairns on the Tilt Train ourselves.

We had had a very pleasant evening and didn't get back to camp until gone nine thirty.

Saturday 8th

Being Highway Wanderers, we chose to camp in a non powered site but happily the weather had cooled down a bit so we didn't miss the air-conditioner too much.

Both Jean and I, and we later discovered, The Procters and the Osmonds who had had dinner with us at the Cooroy RSL, were feeling a bit off. We decided that, discretion being the better part of valour, we would have light meals so we didn't join in the "Pot Luck" dinner.

Philip and Helene joined us for happy hour which was an all Highway Wanderers affair as all the Wide Bay Wanderers were busy preparing dinner and setting up their places at the dinner table.

We had a quiet night.

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