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Tue 25 - Wed 26 Jan 2005

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Tuesday 25th

We had arranged to spend a day or two with the Procters before we go back to Brisbane to do the last of the chores before we head south.

Jean wanted to go to Cooroy by the back road via Kin Min. She was horrified when we came upon a gravel road through the Toolara State Forest. It was pretty rough but I slowed right down and we got through unscathed. The countryside round here is quite beautiful with lush green rolling hills and lots of trees.

We arrived about lunch time and set up for a short stay. Philip had gone out to do little work with the guy doing the page setting for "The Book" but he didn't get back till late because there had been a major software hitch. I worked with Helene in the afternoon checking the captions in the Camps Snaps book.

We had fish and chips for dinner and watched the recording of a piece a local TV journalist had done on the publishers of "The Book". It was very good and resulted in lots of telephone enquiries which had to be turned into forward orders for the 3rd edition as the last of the 2nd edition have been sold.

Wednesday 26th

We had an indulgence breakfast to celebrate Australia Day.

Despite being a public holiday, its was a full working day for Philip and Helene who are way behind schedule because of a stuff up with the provision of digital maps for which they are paying a king's ransom and which were due last year. When the proper maps finally arrived they we not correctly scaled and Philip has to adjust the position of every occurrence of every site despite having done all this before on dummy maps provided by the cartographer to allow him to get ahead.

The day was very wet so we spent it in the Motley. In the evening I cooked a roast dinner for us all.

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