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Ardlethan, NSW

S 34°21'29" E 146°54'08"

Thu 10 Feb 2005

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We had heard from Mel that her computer was now working so the urgency has gone out of our flight south.

We headed on down the highway, stopping at West Wyalong to buy gas, some groceries and a little lunch.

As we were approaching Ardlethan, I remembered our last journey along this road when we were going to Griffith for the rally in April 2001 when we stopped at the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone border to get rid of some fruit. What. I had entirely forgotten that we were going into the zone on this trip and we have lots of fruit on board.

I decided that we should overnight in Ardlethan which is outside the zone so that we can eat lots of fruit and cook the rest so that we won't have to throw it away. I am amazed that we had overlooked this possibility despite being caught several time before.

There is a very nice rest area in Ardlethan right next to the Bowling Club. A kind old man stopped by the Motley to invite us to dine at the Bowling Club, telling us that tonight will be Chinese night and that the Chinese chef has a very good reputation. We didn't take him up on the invitation because we had to eat fruit.

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