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Sandbanks Reserve, Tyers, Vic

S 38°10'17" E 146°29'30"

Tue 29 Mar 2005

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We had to do the laundry and fill up with fresh water before we depart for the journey to Horsham.

I decided to visit a rest area south of Traralgon which had missed out on the site survey last year. We drove down the stated road and reached the suggested plae without findin anything like a rest area. We returned to the Lookout atLoy Yang power station for lunch. The activity in the mine was minimal but the power station output was low judged by the steam rising from the cooling towers.

We drove on through Traralgon and found the piece of road we had used before to dump the black water. We drove on to Tyers and then to the Sandbanks Reserve which is listed in "The Book" as author recommended. It is a fine place to camp with lots of green grass and many terrific trees.

We had a peaceful night.

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