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Barraba Lions Rest Area, NSW

S 30°25'13" E 150°37'00"

Thu 19 May 2005

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We took a short cut along the Delungra-Bingara Rd to save thirty or forty km. The road was mostly OK with just a few bad stretches but it certainly saved time and fuel so we will use it again.

We reached Barraba at midday and I visited the solicitor's office to check that everything was in order.

We had to get insurance for the house so we visited Landmark and arranged cover for the house and, because domestic house insurance is restricted to occupied places of residence, for the contents as well (the contents are presently in the Motley). Strangely I had to increase the sum insured as they have a lower limit.

When we finished the shopping, we were spoken to be some people we couldn't recognise because the sun was in our eyes. It turned out to be Robert and Marjorie, motorhoming friends we have known for al least six years. The have recently returned from WA and are making their way slowly to Queensland. They decided to spend a few days in Barraba and saw the Motley parked in the main street as they were driving past so they stopped to say "Hello".

As we had to camp for one more night before we have our own block to park on, we decided to join them in the Lions Rest Area a few km south of Barraba. It was pretty chilly so we sat round a campfire until the cold drove us all into our motorhomes.

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