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Fri 30 Sep - Mon 3 Oct 2005

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Friday 30th Sep

With things to do in Brisbane before we go back to Barraba, we headed down the Bruce Highway to Lawnton, arriving in time for morning tea. Pat, the Pilot, was at home but had to go to a job soon after we arrived.

I did some shopping and then veged out for the rest of the day. We had a storm in the afternoon which put a dampener on things.

Saturday 1st Oct

We went to Patricks Rd to sort out what stuff we have to take to Barraba that has been in Sarah's storeroom since we sold the house in Sydney.

Sarah and the kids had gone to Nundah to have lunch with Al. We were fed very nice toasted BLT sandwiches by Max.

Sunday 2nd Oct

We went to the Summit Restaurant with Sarah, Max and the kids, and Alain to celebrate three birthdays which totalled 176 years. The 176 toasts had to be curtailed because, with everyone driving, we only had one bottle of wine. The food was up to expectations and the desserts were much appreciated even though none of us should have been eating so much indulgence food.

Monday 3rd Oct

I was out early to go to the laundromat.

We visited Patricks Rd to load a lot of stuff into the Little Motley to take to Barraba. There is still some books and stuff but we may be able to get away with just one more trip in the Motley without having to resort to a removalist. When that will be will probably depend on the price of diesel.

Jean had appointments at the podiatrist and the Breastscreen clinic so we went to Mitchelton for lunch.

Jan and George joined us for our last happy hour before our return to Barraba.

I got all the packing up done before the light failed so will be able to get away early tomorrow.

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