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Currawinya, Barraba, NSW

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Sun 29 Jan - Sat 4 Feb 2006

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Sunday 29th Jan

The weather has turned horribly hot with the temperature once again in the high thirties (around 100°F). This make any kind of work a bit beyond my capabilities.

Monday 30th Jan

I rang the plumber and he said he would come on Wednesday.

Tuesday 31st Jan

The lawnmower man came to say he'd be here on Sunday to mow the back paddock.

Wednesday 1st Feb

The plumber came at about eleven o'clock having had to attend to some emergency. We discussed all the things that need to be done and he started on the bathroom, installing the new toilet. He asked me to remove the rest of the lining of the southern wall and install some noggins to allow him to mount the taps and the shower head.

I went to the hardware shop and bought a piece of 4 x 2. It was a bit too long to fit in the Terios so I left the back door open and drove very carefully back to Gotha St. I braked a little suddenly and the timber slid forward and broke the windscreen! I rang and arranged to have a new one fitted in Tamworth tomorrow.

Thursday 2nd Feb

The courier from Bingara delivered the furniture we had bought in Inverell. The sideboard goes well with the dining table. The ingle nook will need to be modified to fit nicely in the kitchen.

I went to Tamworth. I dropped a picture we had brought back from Patricks Rd which had broken glass at the picture framer and took the Terios to O'Briens for the new windscreen. They had a problem with the insurance so I rang the insurance broker and found out that when I had renewed the truck insurance they didn't tell me the car insurance was also due. I paid the premium and all was well.

While I was waiting for the job to be done, I did some shopping for new crockery and cutlery for the Motley which will save me having to move stuff every time we take off in the Motley and every time we come back to Barraba.

Friday 3rd Feb

I got up early and started the job of modifying the ingle nook. The job turned out to be much more complicated than I had thought and the heat of the day caught up with me before I had finished.

In the cool of the Motley, I did get some work done for the CMCA .

We went to the RSL for supper only to find that someone had booked the place for a private function. We had been told that the Chinese Restaurant at the Bowling club had changed hands and was much better. We decided to try them out and had a pretty nice meal.

Saturday 4th Feb

Another bloomin' hot day with the temperature rising to over 42°C (108°F). We both took refuge in the Motley well before lunch and didn't emerge for the rest of the day.

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