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Bob's Camp, Kooreh, Vic

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Fri 3 - Sat 4 Mar 2006

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Friday 3rd

We went into town early to fuel up, do the laundry, buy supplies and have a smorgasbord lunch at the Botanical Hotel with the other motorhomers. I had rung the solicitor to find out how the sale of the land in Glenwood was going. He told me that he had sent the contract to us on Monday. I asked where he had sent it to and he said "Barraba". I went to the Post Office in St Arnaud and arranged for all our mail to be sent to them.

We discovered that it was Jemelle's birthday so I secretly bought her an exotic dessert for a celebration.

We drove to Bobby's place, set up, and had a long happy hour.

When I got back to the Motley I discovered that I hadn't switched the fridge back to gas after the fuel stop and the ten hours of load on the battery had done a deep discharge, I tried to charge up using the generator but it went into error twice so I didn't make a lot of headway in the charging. We turned the generator off in the middle of the evening so as not to cause too much irritation to the others and switched everything off except one light in an attempt to minimise the damage. I'll have to run the generator for a long time tomorrow to get back to proper conditions.

Saturday 4th

I switched the generator on as soon as we were up and by two o'clock I was able to switch it off because the batteries were back in good order, not quite fully charged but OK. The solar panels continued the charging process throughout the afternoon.

We had a long and chatty morning tea, a quiet lunch and a nap.

Happy hour was supposed to be a Jammers session but no-one turned up. We were entertained by Pip and Mell with Peter, one of the campers, on a squeeze box. We enjoyed the music and I joined in briefly, playing the frog, a wooden instrument I had bought in a market years ago. It is formed to be resonant and has a serrated back and a wooden rod which is run over the serrations to produce a croaking sound. It can be used as a percussion instrument in the hands of someone with more sense of rhythm than me. Though Mell approved of my brief efforts but I didn't overdo it.

Bobbie and Roma came for happy hour but Roma wasn't well and they had to leave early. We finally got back to the Motley for dinner at half past eight.

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