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Glenriddle Reserve, NSW

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Fri 6 - Sun 8 Oct 2006

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Friday 6th

It was quite cold overnight which doesn't auger well for the next few days.

We got away at half past ten and got to Glenriddle at a quarter to eleven after a great 15 km (10 mile) drive.. There were several motorhomes already there. Some had been there several days and some only one night. We introduced ourselves to those we hadn't met before and greeted those we had. As the day drew on more people arrived and by four o'clock there were fifteen motorhomes and nearly thirty people and a guide dog present.

Happy hour was a friendly, pleasant affair with lots of good conversation, some catching up and some getting to know new friends.

At happy hour Jean and I drank the best part of a bottle of Banrock Station Shiraz 2004 which was really nice.

We had the use of John Samin's gas barbecue with magic plastic barbecue sheets to cook our dinner of sausages, onion and scallop potatoes.

Saturday 7th

The night was warmer than the previous one and the day dawned bright and clear so we had a beautiful day.

The wine and the barbecue hadn't done my blood glucose level much good so I'll have to take a bit more care.

In the afternoon a dozen of us went to the Mille Park Winery in Barraba. We all had a very entertaining wine tasting. Bill and Barbara were very good hosts. Most of us bought wine to take on the journey.

In the evening we all played Trivial Pursuit until quite late.

Sunday 8th

Several of the people headed off towards Mudgee planning to get down the road somewhere they could watch the Bathurst 1000 on TV. They planned to overnight close to the rally so that they could get in early on Monday morning.

We stayed on with four other motorhomes and had a nice little happy hour before getting an early night in preparation for the journey to Mudgee tomorrow.

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