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Mudgee Showground, NSW

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Mon 16 - Wed 18 Oct 2006

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Monday 16th

We packed up and headed for the dump point on the rally site. There was quite a queue so we sat around for some time. When it was my turn, another guy was pumping out his fifth-wheeler and was surprised when I finished in a just few seconds.

I realised that we needed fuel for the truck. I had heard on the CB radio that the BP servo was offering discount to all Seniors Card holders so we went there. The lady in the forecourt told us that they had run out of diesel and the guy was due some time this morning. We headed off to another servo but they were queuing up at the Caltex so we didn't stop there. As we were driving away, we saw the BP tanker heading for the BP servo so we went round the block, parked, and had morning tea. When we got back to the BP servo, we drove straight in and fuelled up. I was horrified to see that I had put over 140 litres in ( the tanks have 140 litres capacity). We must have been very close to empty. But all's well that ends well.

We went to the showground where we planned to spend the night but couldn't find a way in. We got a phone call from a friend who had seen us driving past telling how to get in and offering to open the gate for us. We parked up near them so that we could happy hour with them.

Tuesday 17th

We decided to stay another day so that we could go to lunch with Philip and Helene. We went to the Railway Station Restaurant again and everyone enjoyed their meals.

We went into town to do a bit of shopping and had coffee at the nice cafe we had found on Sunday.

Wednesday 18th

We had planned to go to Gulgong where there is a gathering of Big Rigs and Highway Wanderers but we were happy camped in the showground at Mudgee and Philip and Helene had invited us out to dinner so we booked in for yet another night.

We went into town to do a bit of shopping and had coffee at the nice cafe we had found on Sunday and visited yesterday. We are becoming regulars!

The grey water tank somehow got full so I had to use the new dump point at the showground. I had been put in an awkward place and was about half a metre (20 inches) above the ground so using it was a bit of a challenge. I finally got it done and reversed the Motley with its trailer back onto our site. I asked the Caretaker if it was OK to put the grey water on the ground and she said "Of course. We do have horses living here."

We went to the Indian Restaurant we had visited while we were at the rally.

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