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Emerald, Qld

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Mon 4 Jun 2007

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We needed to do a fair bit of grocery shopping so we planned to go to Emerald. Before we left Jericho we fuelled up with diesel and petrol for the generator. We have surely supported the town which had extended its hospitality to us, having spent more than $300 in the town.

We reached Emerald at lunch time. We tried to shop at Woolworths but the car park was much too cramped for us to park anywhere near the store. We went to the Plaza, had lunch and shopped at Coles. When we came back to the Motley it had started to rain. We chose to book in to the caravan park to have the benefit of the laundry and the shore power to charge the house batteries which had taken a fair beating while we were camped at Jericho.

After we were settled in I tried to do the laundry but the machines were both "Out of order". I enquired at the office and they directed me to another amenities block. When I had taken the clothes out of the washing machine, I found that there was a queue for the dryer so I didn't get it finished until seven o'clock. I was absolutely shattered after this and Jean had to cook her own dinner.

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