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Mon 17 - Sun 23 Sep 2007

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Monday 17th

I did the Lions Xmas cake run this morning. Everyone was very happy to sell our cakes for us. I have set up an auditable set of files so that anyone else could, if necessary, take over, either this year which won't, I hope, be necessary or next year if I get another job to do.

I had a call from Al responding to an email I sent him asking for advice on a problem I have been having with Safari on the MacBook. I took his advice and ditched the version 3beta and reloaded version 2.1 from my install disks. This was a pretty difficult thing to do until I remembered that I had program called Pacifist which is designed to extract specific programs from inside installer packages. The problem with Safari didn't go away. During a trawl through the files I found a "details.plist" file buried in the Safari preferences and ditching this solved the problem. All this took me a fairly long time but its nice to have Safari back as the alternatives all have problems of their own. I love iCab for reviewing my websites when I write them but it doesn't have the nice features of Safari like one click saving of webarchives when surfing the web.

I got sucked into futzing at some depth and didn't get to bed until after midnight.

Tuesday 18th

I did several loads of laundry and ran out of steam. More futzing filled the rest of the day.

Wednesday 19th

I finished the futzing before breakfast. The website is now in a consistent style (well somewhat). Every time I read old files I find spelling and style errors. I am blessed with a high speed connection to the internet and a very useful synchronising program which makes these multiple file updates very easy. The corrections are mostly manual but I sometimes use the multi-file find and replace feature of BBEdit to ease the burden.

Jean wanted me to have another go at cabbage curry so I cooked some dhal and rice and tried to modify the recipe of the cabbage curry. If I work on it enough, I just might approach the dish we remember that Mrs Wong used to cook for us in the late fifties. I keep adapting the recipe based of the advice from Yvonne Weerasuriya. It was better but it still needs some work.

Thursday 20th

After breakfast. Jean reminder me that I had to take the car in for service so I had to rush out.

After walking into town and back home, I was pretty well cactus so I spent the day doing some sedentary work.

In the evening I had Lions Dinner Meeting. The Lion Tamer, who is responsible for setting up each meeting, had a flat tyre and was late so I found myself helping one of my colleagues getting in the firewood and setting up the dinner tables.

Friday 21st

Another day doing sedentary things.

Saturday 22nd

The weather had gone off a bit but I found some energy and, after lunch, I started on the task of removing the concrete from the kitchen floor. I assumed it would take a long time but when I got into it I got it all done in a couple of hours. I can now get into the installation proper. The next task is to install to cupboard I have built and bring the spare cupboard in from the store room, relocate all the stuff, crockery, pots and pans and so on into these cupboards. I can then tear the old cupboards out and get the plumbing done.

Sunday 22rd

I maintained the effort and fixed the benchtop to the new kitchen cupboard and installed it in the kitchen. Jean asked me if I had to do more work on the concrete to make room for the kickboards and I had to say "Yes"!

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