Best of the year

Your convenient guide to the best and worst of 1998. Of course, not much has happened so far.

Best movie starring Sigourney Weaver

Actually, it was Ang Lee's The Ice Storm, with Alien Resurrection a narrow runner-up. Jeunet brought his personal shade of green to the badass feminist's favourite franchise, and Ripley fought off late-capitalism's genderfucked subconscious with her customary vim and dignity, but neither rated beside Christina Ricci's round-faced post-Wednesday Addams as observer of idiotic adulthood. Cold, but good.

Worst service

Tex-Mex restaurant in Balmain, you know who you are. The non-alcoholic sangria went down like raspberry Tang, and the quesadillas were stale.

Hot tub party of the year

A repeat winner, Miss Kate McLaughlin carried off this category with ease. The fairy lights, the chocolate cake, the champagne... the atmosphere! Keep up the good work.

Coolest public spectacle

NYE fireworks over Sydney Harbour. $2 million up in smoke, hearts, planets, rainbows, showers. Unmissable.

Most annoying prat, 1998

No contest: Leo Schofield. Not only is his Sydney Festival unusually expensive and banal, he hated the fireworks. "There should have been more culture and fewer fireworks," he told the Daily Terror. Schofield's plan for the Brewery Pissup? "More culture, less beer."

And now the award you've all been waiting for...

Best meme, 1998

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Tuesday, 6 January 1998. Bleep, thanks for playing.
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