In which people fall asleep

...and knit up their ravel'd sleeves of care.

Postcard from LAX

Help me, Obiwan, you're my only hope.

This Is Morning In America

Yeah, and like that could happen

Pseud's corner

Run that one by me again.

Fucking Martin

What the hell is dextrousness?

Can be a he or a she

Some are tall

The way of Xena

Her courage will change the world.

Discovering the tall person within

Don't it always seem to go...

Storm of approval

Three and a half hailstones

Best of the year

That is, like, so 1998

What are ya like?

You tosser

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you'll know.

Something's wrong

Not you, Kathy

I Was A Teenage Fundamentalist

Tragic but true

Raze around the world

In which our heroes seek out the source of spunk

Vanity press (or, Source-available stories)

What sort of tragic wannabee publishes her own fiction on the Web?

Silly question, really.

Robbie Quinn's Film Festival

"People enjoy my cosmopolitan sense of humour. It makes them feel that they live an exciting and cosmopolitan life as well."

Sometimes when I'm me

"The Ariel people see special messages in the books that the rest of us don't see, messages that tell them how to be more beautiful and get better jobs and make more money and get ahead in life. I looked in the books but I couldn't see it. There certainly wasn't anything in there about Uni, especially Eng. Lit."

Fearless Leader and the Princess Get Married

"D'you reckon his mother's a dyke?"
"I think she'd keep floods out of Holland, yes."
"One thing is for sure," I said. "I'm not sticking any finger in that."

Lara Croft Dies

World acclaims slain adventuress as secular saint

Passive Aggression As Martial Art

Don't feel you have to laugh.

Staying Friends

Our Experts Ask Why?

Surrey Street Aerospace

...because jet propulsion doesn't have to be this way.

Exciting sport facts

Yes, Virginia, I know it's an oxymoron.

Works in progress

And if you believe that my friend, you'll believe anything.

Boss school

Just the thing for those dull evenings when you might otherwise be having a life.

Atavism for the people

Politics. I know. What is my problem, anyway?

10:04 woke me in the middle

of one of the more astounding recent dreams.

Buzzword city

Kind of hard to explain, only not.

Thursday May 15 was Prime Ordinal Day!

I saw The Seventh Seal at the Third Eye, then went on to The Fifth Element. Whatever next?
Prime Ordinal Day was brought to you by Surry Street Aerospace, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Frock Advisory Council.

Can Can Cannibals

In which political spleen is explosively vented.

Men In Suits And Why They Suck

"Her first mistake lay in assuming they had hearts to stab."

Tights, or an encounter with glamour one aimless Friday morning

With a guest appearance from Young Sydney Developer Jeremy Fitzhardinge.

And some really astoundingly old stuff:

The Northern Territory has just passed new laws supporting Youth In Asia. And so should you.
Double your IQ. Become 73 percent more attractive to the opposite sex. Go clear. Use Raze firewalls.
Finally, three very strange little stories.

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