Can Can Cannibals

I don't know. I am now an official Minority Group. Maybe I should seek arts funding.

Thing is, I couldn't give a damn whether or not the Aboriginal people practised cannibalism. I just want them to stop dying in childbirth at worse-than-third-world rates.

I wouldn't vote for Pauline Hanson under any circumstances known to man, no, nor women neither, though by your smile you seem to think so. I think encouraging multiracial immigration is about the best thing any economy can do for itself. Look at California.

I want young black men out of our prisons, where they are presently being incarcerated in vast numbers for Dread Crimes like telling racist policemen to piss off.

See? Am I unAustralian, or what? But there's more: I'm not even a little bit interested in sport. I don't think there should be any government funding for organised games of any kind, up to and including netball, synchronised swimming and the Sydney Olympics. At least until Australia's little human rights problems have been solved.

What I'd really like is for the Olympics to be a complete disaster, and for Australians to give up sport altogether, except between friends, for fun.

Yup. I should definitely seek funding, before I become extinct.

Wednesday May 14, 1997. Useful links at Murri Sites.
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