Watching far too much television

Peter the Rocket Scientist gave us his television and I have fallen into an unhealthy addiction. I channel-surf compulsively. This has occasionally amusing results. Last night, fr'example, I happened upon Dharma and Greg, in which Thomas Gibson plays an implausible heterosexual.

Dharma's friend Jane: When I was little I wanted to be mashed potatoes.

Dharma: Don't give up your dreams!

DfJ (disillusioned): Hunh. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

Other possibly significant discoveries:

So many car ads; so many pornographic shots of so many ugly cars.

Perhaps inspired by the unabashed consumerist frenzy that is American TV, Jeremy has started planning his latest line of toys: Barbie/Bible crossover.

J: My Father's Malibu Dream House. It has many rooms!

R: Barbie's Balaam's Ass, with real speaking voice.

J: Barbie's Burning Bush.

R: You're BAD.

J: My Little Saviour, in a range of pastel colours.

R: With a beard you can braid...

J: ...naturally.

R (sings): "My little saviour, I love my little saviour!"

At that very moment, we were struck by lightning.

Monday, November 23, 1998. Happy birthday, Mum.
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