Men In Suits And Why They Suck

I got squashed in next to two of the above at lunchtime. They were discussing Staffing Issues in a sort of loud bray.

SUIT 1: She took a week off because her GRANDMOTHER died.

SUIT 2: Three days.

SUIT 1: I mean, a GRANDMOTHER? It's not like it was her PARENT or anything.

SUIT 2: Well, her grandmother did bring her up. Her mother died when she was young...

SUIT 1: (quelling look)

SUIT 2 (hastily): Not that I'm DEFENDING her...

SUIT 1: Time off for a GRANDPARENT. It is completely OUTSIDE my comprehension. Her and Linda, they do WHATEVER they want. They DO what they want. BLAH blah. YADDA yadda yadda. I'M so important...

People doing what they want? What is the world coming to?

So then I turned around and said "Fuck off boring people!" and stabbed them in the hearts with my fork.

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