Pseud's corner #1

Most gratuitous use of the prefix 'cyber' in a serious essay:

"...the cybernetic industry of Australian literature and its critical machinery (OzLitCriture for short) continues to occlude, defuse, diffuse, evade and domesticate queer issues." -- Dean Kiley in AHR. Mmm, sounds like fun.

Department of Bzzzt, thanks for playing:

"...Andrew Niccol's harbinger of the societal implications of genetic tweaking is so coolly and spaciously styled that the boys'-own story at its centre becomes merely structural, a pole around which the film's tone and intellect interlace like the twin strands of a double helix." Matt Buchanan in SMH's Metro, 6.4.98. Uh-huh.

Monday, 6 April 1998. I mean, like, dextrousness city.
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