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Port Macquarie, NSW

Tue 21 - Thu 23 Jul 1998

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Tue 21st

Leaving Croki, we decided to head north in the hope of better weather.

During the morning we were flagged down by a guy who had noticed the URL on the back of the truck and who wanted to talk to a Winnebago owner as he is thinking of buying one.

We drove to Wauchope, because we hadn't been there before, to do some shopping and to see what was to be seen.

The main, the only, attraction is Timbertown, a re-creation of an old timber town with working machinery and so on. Unfortunately it was closed awaiting a new owner.

On to Port Macquarie where we spotted a "genuine" Thai Restaurant close by the Information Centre at which we dined to overcome a growing Hormok Talay deficiency.

Wed 22nd

We spent the morning at Sea Acres Nature Reserve which has a 1 km board walk through the second largest remaining area of coastal rainforest in NSW. A volunteer guide provided much information which enhanced our appreciation of the ecosystem we were observing.

It was fascinating to see the change of flora with change of underlying geology. The margins of the reserve are based on Chert and are populated with typical dry sclerophyll forest, while the heart of the forest is based on basalt with typical rainforest flora.

Thu 23rd

We visited Billabong Widlife Park on the Wauchope road. Just about as you'd expect for a commercial enterprise, too few animals and inadequate maintenance. The birds were nice.

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