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Croki, NSW

Sun 19 - Mon 20 Jul 1998

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Sun 19th

From Gloucester we headed for Taree.

The country on this side of the Great Dividing Range is much more productive than the western slopes but even here you can see where the farmers have fertilised their fields.

Following a recommendation from the CMCA Glovebox Guide, we sought out the caravan park at Croki on Jones Island down river from Taree.

On the way in we passed fields of Hereford cattle with great flocks of Cattle Egret, together with White Ibis, White-faced Heron, Brown Flacon and White-headed Pigeon.

The caravan park is an idyllic place on the bank of a wide tranquil river. It has lots of beautiful trees and many birds including a flock of white domestic Pigeons which sleep in a dovecote in the middle of the park.

In the office, there is a photograph of a Tawny Frogmouth which breeds in a tree in the park every year.

As we took our afternoon tea on the grassy river bank, a pod of perhaps a dozen dolphin swam past not ten metres from us on their way downstream, presumably on their way out to sea.

What a delight.

Mon 20th

The weather broke today but we needed to wash clothes and a rest day in such a beautiful place seemed a good idea.

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